Johann Wanner - Swiss Father Christmas

Weihnachtsbaumschmuckausstattungsspezialgeschaeft. It's said to be the longest shop description in the German language. Who says? Johann Wanner.

In Basel’s old town, 71 year old  Johann Wanner's Weihnachtshaus at Spalenberg 14 has been a tradition in Basel for over 30 years. He's an integral part of Basel's Christmas season and proud to be referred to as their own Father Christmas.

A majestic display of handcrafted ornaments fills the shop from floor to ceiling, with wreaths, trees, crafts, various fabrics, vintage postcards, gift wrap and a few other random items thrown in for good measure. Around the corner, his seasonal salons are part Parisian Bistro, part Santa's workshop, glowing with pure Christmas memory.

He's a trendsetter in the world of holiday decor and is relied upon locally and globally for the very best decorations and styling. It’s no wonder that his clients have included the Clinton White House, a who’s who of European nobility, and even The Vatican.

If you're in Basel for the holidays, or any time, a visit to his shop is a must. 

Johann Wanner in front of his shop

Interior of the Christmas salon

Check out my article on Johann Wanner in the current issue of German Life.


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