Exploring Dresden's Baroque Quarter

While most visitors to Dresden will remain in the Altstadt (Old Town), across the river the old Neustädter Baroque Quarter is the city’s overlooked treasure and the true heart of the city. Most of the beautifully restored architecture dates back to the 18th century when Elector August the Strong commissioned the district to be rebuilt after devastating fires of 1685. Today it is notable for its selection of fine galleries, museums, ateliers and artisans, as well as a few restaurants and boutique hotels.

It's worth a step away from the sights of the old town to wander down the quiet old streets, marveling at by-gone era of Dresden. Unlike the historic core, this part of the city wasn't completely flattened by World War II bombs.

The first sight of interest at the edge of the neighborhood is the Japanese Palace, built to house the porcelain collection of August the Strong in 1714. Today it houses an Ethnological Museum.

While the Baroque Quarter is low on highlights compared to the historic center across the river, its quiet streets and relaxed atmosphere are no less charming. Artisan shops and galleries are found throughout the neighborhood, centered between Königstrasse and Hauptstrasse, where the Kunsthandwerkpassagen shopping arcades are found.

The quarter is a great starting point for exploring the Neustadt, which also includes a DDR-era shopping boulevard, the hipster hangouts of Louisenstrasse, and the historic Pfunds Molkerei.

Where to Stay 

Hotel Bülow Palais
Königstraße 14

Where to Eat 

Restaurant Caroussel

Königstraße 14 


L’art de Vie Restaurant
An der Dreikönigskirche 1A

What to See 

Japanese Palace
Palaisplatz 11

Galerie Sybille Nütt
Obergraben 10

Kunsthaus Dresden

Rähnitzgasse 8
Kunsthandwerker Passage (Artisan Shopping Arcades)
Hauptstrasse 9-19


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