Les Halles - Funky and French on Zürich's west side

Though I'm a longtime Germanophile, I've become increasingly fond of France in recent years. So, it was nice getting a little dose of France here and there in Zürich. Les Halles is a funky French flavored restaurant in a former warehouse on the west side. In some ways it feels like sort of an anti-Zürich.

As it turns out the food is excellent. They're known for their "Moules et Frites", so most of us tried the mussels in white wine sauce at lunch. A very good choice. A little disappointed that, despite having branded umbrellas at the tables, they did not in fact serve Kronenbourg beer. I'll give them props for all the organic goodness, but the "bio" beer they felt was a good substitute fell a little short. 

Pfingstweidstr. 28a
8005 Zürich


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