Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chef Kaiser's Rieser Culatello

While most everything you’d want to see is within the circle of the medieval town walls in Nördlingen, Germany, those in search of a great meal should venture outside the gates to the Wirtshaus Meyers Keller. Tucked away in a residential area just south of the Reimlinger gate, you can enjoy fine dining in a warm, inviting dining room or enjoy great weather outside in a cool, shaded terrace.

Chef and owner Joachim Kaiser serves a mix of classic Swabian and Bavarian dishes from the region as well as fresh, inspired flavors from across the continent. Not to be missed is the “Rieser Culatello”, his take on a special Italian ham. Downstairs in the cellar, the cool, dry conditions are perfect for aging the hams – a total of 30 months is required – before they make their way to the table. Here it is enjoyed with a simple drizzle of olive oil. 

Marienhöhe 8 
86720 Nördlingen 
+49 09081 4493